I was born in Dublin, Ireland and now live in The Bahamas. My lifelong quest was to find out how  we get the most out of ourselves and life. Indeed, could we even become new people and form a new and better world? And could this all happen regardless or circumstances?

I discovered that people could have far more input into the life-forming process than they realised. Enough to change the world? Well, enough to certainly their world. The answer lies in taking control of and using more of your mind. That is the vital step, the missing piece. I believe his makes the difference and everyone should know about it and at least be given the choice.

Do Results Count?

How do you make the choice? Obviously by comparing the before and after results. This is why I conducted the studies and am now working with businesses. I find the more people that apply the
Model the better the results. Frankly, I believe that when people discover how true this is, it will be a case of no choice.

People are trying to build the life they want but the task is made difficult or even impossible by the poor mental material they have to work with in their unconscious. they need to experience the
life-changing results from upgrading their ‘education’ and continuing to do so throughout their lives.


My main interests are in pioneering and practising Educo. I practise what I preach and continually upgrade my own education. This has empowered me to live a fabulous and exciting life. It is all the better because I am able to help you do the same.

I am taken with the whole romance of designing models. That you can be anywhere in the world and with just a pen and paper produce life-changing models – now, to me that is art. There is always the possibility that you can produce a priceless masterpiece, out of which can come endless benefit and goodness, or as I like to say, Unlimited Success. This gives me immense and continuous

My other interests include weight training, body sculpture, nutrition, food supplements, writing, copywriting, sales, research and boating. The Bahamas has over 700 islands most of which can only be reached by boat. I love to live in beautiful places with beautiful people. the island I live on is called Paradise Island and my partner’s name is Eve, so go figure.

“That you can be anywhere in the world and with just a pen and paper produce life-changing models – now that to me is art”

Original Research

This pursuit involved conducting my own original research with a university and with Human Potential Research Ltd. and obtaining numerous qualifications, both English and American. Among
these are a Master of Science degree (University of East London) majoring in Modelling, Programming and Psychotherapy and a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (State Approved, California, USA).


The background to all of this was my practive of yoga since the age of ten, particularly the mental aspects of meditation and concentration. In 1971 I introduced yoga to Ireland and it was a
nationwide success that still continues today. In addition, I was heavily involved in bodybuilding, gyms, health stores, holistic medicine, sales, advertising and publishing a newspaper called Blueprint For Successful Living. Physical Culture and what I term ‘Health, Mind and Spiritual Culture’ are among my lifelong practices.

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